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12'' to 14'' kids wooden hangers

12 '' to 14'' kids wooden hangers


MyCoatHangers has kids’ wood hangers that are made to last, easy to handle, and proven to keep clothes from losing their shape. Crafted in convenient  12” and 14” lengths, these well-finished hangers are just right for children’s suits, dresses, tops, and bottoms. Order in wood tone or white, with or without chrome clips for securing clothing. Storeowners and parents love them, and kids do too. Wood hangers are a wonderful complement to girls’ or boys’ bedroom furniture, and they go a long way toward preserving children’s clothing. The kids learn to enjoy hanging their clothes with durable, easy-grip wooden hangers that last a lifetime.


Size Guide


What’s the right size?  Check your child’s clothes, of course, as children have a habit of growing at different rates!  


10 – 11''  Babies and Toddlers
11– 12 '' Primary School Age
12 – 14''  Teenagers
15'' – 17''  Standard Ladies’ Size
17'' – 18''  Standard Men’s Size