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Size Markers




Size Markers


  1.      MyCoatHangers supplies a wide range of size markers & tags in different sizes, styles, and colours
  2.      Australia Wide Delivery
  3.      Competitive prices & Bulk Discount
  4.      More than 30 different colour with custom print available 
  5.      Easy Installation.
  6.      Custom Design Any Sizes, Styles, and Colours & Print Available
  7.      Samples Delivery 5 - 14 working days.
  8.      Minimum qty 100 units each size & colour 

Two different designs of size tags



The small and neat cylinder-shaped mini marker fits most metal hook hangers. Available in many colours and in the common colour schemes on the market. Thousands of sizes prints are also available. Create your own colour and size combination and make properly organising your stock simple and easy.









 How to install

Can be easily attached and removed to any of our coat hangers.



Classic Markers are the traditional size markers. It can be used and re-used for many years and fit all types of metal hook hangers. The Classic Markers feature excellent visibility and a unique side opening that allows for quick attachment directly to the hook. Durable construction assures that the markers stay in place and will not slip off the hanger. Create your own colour and size combination with the range of common colour schemes and print sizes available from MyCoatHangers.










 How to install

Classic Markers are easy to "snap on" and easy to remove, thanks to the convenient side opening. You can leave the hanger in place while attaching the marker. The markers are slightly spherical in shape, which takes up less rack space and allows room for more garments. The markers' unique design enables them to remain on the hanger, even if the hanger and the garment are turned upside-down.

Make an enquiry today

Please contact us for more products details and to enquire about an order. Discuss your size tag and marker needs with us and we are sure to be able to provide you with a quality product that meets your requirements. We also stock a huge range of hangar accessories.

Send us an email at info@mycoathangers.com.au with any questions and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to speak directly to one of our team members, we can also be reached at our Sydney location in Wetherill Park on (02) 8003-4486.



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