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What clothing hangers do we sell?

Welcome to Mycoathangers.com.au, the no.1 online store specialising in clothing hangers. We supply many different designs, suitable for all kinds of garments. Because we’re a specialist store, we can source selectively and buy in bulk, which allows us to offer the most competitive prices for both businesses and families in Australia. Our product range includes wood, plastic, metal, velvet, children's clothing, and satin hangers. With over 100 different styles and sizes, you’re sure to find just the thing to get your wardrobe in order!

We supply clothing hangers at the lowest possible prices by connecting you directly to our factory. With no middle man to charge a markup, you get a great quality product at a fair price. It’s the perfect option for fitting out a boutique, or even just organising your closet at home.

All of our products meet A-grade standards. This means that they’re not only the best the factory can produce, they’re the highest grade of product we can source direct. Explore our range via the left hand menu to find designs which are suitable for businesses and homes.

With us, there’s no more waiting weeks for your order to be made and shipped from overseas! We stock large quantities every month in order to satisfy all requirements from different buyers. We’re able to ship clothing hangers to any destination within Australia in just days. Take a look at our shipping offers to see how you could qualify for even more savings.

  • We supply clothes hangers in lowest prices by connect you to our facotry directly.
  • All of our products are in A- grade standards which suitable for business and homes.
  • We stock large quantity every month in order to satisfy all requirement from different buyers.






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