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Bedroom Storage & Organizing Tips

Benn Palmer

Bedrooms are often the messiest rooms in the house. They're the areas you might spend the least time in (while awake) but they're also the places visitors and even others in your home are less likely to see. If it's messy, no one else will notice. But a disorganised bedroom can also be pretty frustrating, getting you down and maybe even affecting your sleep.

You don't have to suffer with a messy bedroom if it's annoying you. Organizing your room will help you take control and make it a space that you enjoy spending time in. Bedroom organization doesn't have to be difficult. And when you've done it once, it's easier to stay on top of it all. Here are some of the top ways you can whip your bedroom into shape.


Diversify Your Storage Options

Sometimes trying to organize your bedroom storage is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Not all storage is suitable for storing everything. That's why it makes sense to have a number of storage options that you can use in different ways. For example, a dresser gives you drawers for storing folded items or small things like underwear. A wardrobe or closet gives you a space to hang up larger items that might not do well when folded. Little boxes and baskets will give you storage you can use to just throw in random items that might not fit anywhere else.

Put Organizers Inside Larger Storage

Larger pieces of storage furniture don't always work for smaller items of clothing or things like jewelry and other accessories. You end up with a pile of things that aren't so much organized as just dumped wherever you have space for them. If you want to solve this problem, it can really help to put smaller organizers inside of larger storage.

This method breaks up the space you have into more manageable and useful sections. Instead of having one drawer or shelf, you can have several little containers that are a perfect fit for various items. It makes it much easier to organize things like underwear, socks, belts, scarves, jewelry, and so much more.

Use a Clothes Rack for Quick-Access Clothes

Clothes racks can be so useful as an option for organizing your clothes. One of the best things about them is their visibility and how easy it makes it to grab what you need. With a clothes rack, your clothes aren't hidden away like with a wardrobe or closet. Instead, it's simple to see what's hanging up. This makes it easier to keep track of what you're wearing and make sure that nothing is neglected.

Another great use for a clothes rack is to hang the things you're currently wearing. Sometimes you've worn something once or twice, but it's not dirty yet and you want to keep wearing it. But you don't want to put it back in your closet or a drawer because it's not exactly totally clean either. Using a clothes rack is a great compromise that helps you avoid dumping your clothes on a chair or, even worse, on the floor.

Get a Shoe Rack

Another type of rack that you can definitely benefit from is a shoe rack. This might not be that useful if you don't have many shoes, but you also don't have to be a shoe enthusiast to make a shoe rack worth it. Once you've got around four pairs, keeping them neat can start to become challenging. And most people have that many just so they have enough for different weather and various occasions.

Shoe racks make it easier to keep your shoes in neat rows. You'll be able to keep all the pairs together and keep similar shoes next to each other. No more shoes kicking about at the bottom of your wardrobe or tripping you up on the floor.

Use a Jewelry Organiser

Organising clothes can be tricky, but keeping jewelry in order is even more challenging. It tangles so easily and bits and pieces can go missing too. A jewelry organizer is really helpful when you want to display your jewelry in a way that makes it really accessible. It should allow you to hang up necklaces and other dangly pieces. Some jewelry organizers have space for earrings or specific pieces like bangles so you can put everything in its place.

Make Use of Vertical Space

It can be tough to use the space in your bedroom wisely. If you want to save floor space, one of the best methods you can use is making use of vertical space. This means using the walls and sometimes even the ceiling, as well as choosing storage furniture that goes up instead of out. You can use hooks and hanging storage, install shelving, and possibly hang things from the ceiling if you want to make the most of the vertical space you have.

Get Multi-Functional Furniture

When you don't have a lot of space to work with, furniture that pulls double duty is really useful. Instead of just being a bed or a nightstand, it can also be somewhere to store things. Beds can be designed to store things inside them, lifting up the mattress portion to reveal a space underneath. Or they can be bed frames that are lifted off the floor, leaving plenty of space for storage underneath. Nightstands are perfect for storing books or all those bits and pieces you might need in the morning or the middle of the night.

If you want to include any seating in your bedroom, that can be great to double up as storage too. A bench can also be a blanket box or an ottoman can have a compartment inside to store various things too. You'll save floor space by using multi-functional furniture and still have plenty of storage available.

Organising your bedroom could be easier than you think. Start organizing now and you could transform your bedroom so it's somewhere you want to spend more time and enjoy.