Metal Hangers

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Offering Top Quality & Heavy-Duty Metal Hangers thickness in 3.5mm , 4.5mm, 5.5mm All our metal hangers are designed & made for holding heavy garments we offer our metal coat hangers in a wide range of versatile sizes, design, and finishes. We have unique designs for every unique requirement, including loops, clips, vinyl sleeves, notches, bedspreads and sleeping bag bars, suit widths, and more.Looking for a good all-purpose option for a variety of garments? The 17'' Chrome finish sizes with notches can hang heavy garments in any condition for long periods of time. They’re much more durable and resistant to changing shape than standard wire and coated-wire designs, such as those you’d find at the supermarket. We supply them to many businesses across the country, such as dry cleaners and Fashion Retailers. In terms of home use, many families often use them to hang their jackets or heavy coats.These super strong metal coat hangers are finished with non-slip vinyl cover and extra thick body. Imagine being able to store your quilts and eiderdowns upright, instead of boxing them with mothballs! This storage option can also help to preserve the shape and texture by preventing wrinkling and keeping the item aired out. Our hanger range with clips is available at affordable prices and can be delivered Australia-wide.