Fabric Hangers

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Extra thick padded Fabric and satin hangers are a romantic addition to any female closet space or for women’s fashion retailers, and MyCoatHangers offers the styles and quantities to suit any need.
Fabric hangers are designed to protect your finest garments, and they look beautiful too. The width of the satin padding will keep garments from stretching out with hanger bulges, and they adorn gowns, lingerie, or other fine garments that are displayed for show or sale. Choose from black, ivory, or pink satin, linen, or natural cotton canvas in 15” lengths, with selected fabrics with extra thick padded. Each beautiful fabric hanger is embellished with a signature bow.
Fabric hangers speak volumes about your fine merchandise, and you can order in quantities you need for any purpose.For families we recommend our 15’’ ivory & black satin hangers and super soft shoulders can help to better preserve the shape of your dedicate garment.