Velvet Hangers

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Our extra thick space saving hangers are finished with un-compromised quality with 2 times stronger and more durable body design with different colour variations. There’s something special about the texture and subtle shine of velvet that makes it perfect for showing off extra special fabrics and designer garments. Velvet hangers are a luxury, and MyCoatHangers has the selection and colours for every closet or high-end clothing store. Unlike timber designs, which need to be thicker in order to create the right curve for supporting fabric without creasing, they can be slim and sleek. Select from our collection of 17” slimline hangers, with or without a bar, in black, ivory, white, Grey, and camel colour. Nonslip velvet hangers are perfect for shirts, tops, tees, and tanks, especially those that are difficult to keep on a hanger to begin with. Thanks to the texture, there’s no need for complicated clipping or threading hanger loops, and the garments will stay in place if and when your staff need to finger space remaining garments on the rack. If you’re feeling as though the plastic or metal designs you currently have are more trouble than they’re worth, this could be the alternative for you. With these textures and profiles, you can afford to be a bit more daring in your selection. You may be surprised at the difference that coordinating designs can make to your store décor! Order cheetah-print slimline hangers by the bundle, and take your closet or clothing store to a new level with this eclectic animal print. Your friends and customers will love them and want to order them as well.