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What Can You Do with Clothing You No Longer Wear? (You May Need More Coat Hangers)

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While many of us love to go out and buy new clothing, fashions are always changing, and suddenly our new outfits are old news. As a result, many people end up with outfits and garments that they rarely or never wear. There can be other reasons for this too, such as the clothing no longer fitting or simply that your tastes and preferences have changed.

If the clothes that you no longer wear are in good condition, it is a shame to just throw them away, especially the ones that you paid a lot of money for. Fortunately, there are options that you can consider when it comes to these clothes, and this ensures that they do not just end up being disposed of. In this article, we will look at some of the key things you can do with clothes that you no longer wear. Some of these are:

Store Them Safely

It is worth keeping in mind that fashions can come and go, and something that went out of fashion ten years ago could suddenly be back in fashion. So, rather than slinging your old outfits thinking that they are yesterday’s news, you can consider storing them. With the right storage solutions, you can hang onto your high-quality clothes and free up space in your wardrobe. This way, if you ever decide you do want to start wearing them again in the future, you will already have them ready to fish out and hang back up in your wardrobe.

Donate to Charity

If your clothes are in good shape, but you definitely don’t want them any longer, it is well worth considering donating them to charity. There are many worthwhile charities that run High Street or online shops, and they are often crying out for donations that they can then sell to make some money for the cause. This is a great way to not only declutter your wardrobe but also to do a good deed and avoid your unwanted clothes going to waste.

Sell Them Online

You can also consider selling your unwanted clothing online, which means that you get to de-clutter and recoup some of the money you spend on them. In fact, depending on the age and type of clothing, you could even make more than you paid for them – people these days are willing to pay the price for items such as vintage clothing. So, have a good clear out, decide which items you want to sell, and then head to sites such as eBay and Etsy. These provide easy platforms through which you can sell your unwanted clothes and make some money.

Pass to Family Members

In the 1970s, flared jeans were all the rage, but they went out of fashion in the 80s and 90s. These days, the younger generation is once again embracing the look of flares and bell-bottoms. The point here is that if you have clothes in your wardrobe that were in fashion decades ago, but you can no longer wear even though they have come back into fashion, you can pass them down to younger family members. This is a great way to keep your prized outfits in the family even if you can no longer wear them yourself.

Get Storage for Your Outfits

If you want to hang on to the outfits you rarely or never wear, contact our team at My Coat Hangers about storage solutions. You can then safely stash your clothes away and make room in your wardrobe.