44.5cm Natural Wooden Anti-Theft Hanger With Clips (Without Hook) 12mm thick Sold in Bundle of 25/50/100

$69.95 AUD

Tax included

Bundles of 25 - ($69.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($129.95)
Bundles of 100 - ($249.95)

 Uncover our top-notch wooden hangers with clips that combat theft and perfect for business. Their sleek, flat frame and multiple layers boast a matte coat that wards off wear and tear. The extraordinary chunky metal rod is specially made to pair with our security metal ring, making assembly a breeze. And with big, cushioned chrome clips attached, your clothes are in good hands.

  • Solid Hard Wood
  • Multiple Clear Lacquer with Fine polished Surface
  • Polished Chrome Hardware                                          
  • 44.5cm Long; 12mm Thickness
  • Flat Body Design
  • Anti-Rust Hardware
  • Solid Wood Pant Bar

Please purchase the metal ring separately which is NOT attached to the hanger