44.5cm Premium Eastern Red Cedar Suit Hangers 12mm thick- Sold In Bundles of 10/20/50

$59.95 AUD

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Bundles of 10 pcs - ($59.95)
Bundles of 20 pcs - ($109.95)
Bundles of 50 pcs - ($269.95)

Experience the luxuriousness of our unique collection of US-imported cedar suit hangers, carefully constructed from top-grade cedar wood. Featuring a sleek finish and sturdy European chrome ball hook, these hangers are in 12mm thick finish, maximising your closet space. Step up your closet game with these beautifully crafted hangers.

    • 100% all Eastern Red Cedar
    • Uncoated Smooth Finish
    • Polished Chrome Hardware
    • 44.5cm Long; 12mm Thickness
    • Flat Body
    • Anti-Rust Hardware
    • Solid Pant Bar with Clear Rubber Covered