44.5cm Black Wooden Combination Hanger With Clips 12mm thick Sold in Bundle of 20/50/100

$29.95 AUD

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Bundles of 10 - ($29.95)
Bundles of 20 - ($49.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($105.95)
Bundles of 100 - ($209.95)

Designed for commercial use, our 44.5cm back wood combination hanger offers maximum clothes protection with its fine polished notches and smooth surface. The multiple black coatings and matte clear lacquer finish add durability, increasing resistance to wear and tear. Solid chrome metal hook allows for greater weight capacity.

    • Solid Hard Wood
    • Multiple Coating with Matte Clear Lacquer & Fine polished Surface
    • Polished Chrome Hardware                                          
    • 44.5cm Long; 12mm Thickness
    • Flat Body Design
    • Anti-Rust Hardware
    • Chrome Metal Clips with Soft Rubber Inside