44.5cm Natural Wooden Anti-Theft Hanger (Without Hook) 12mm thick Sold in Bundle of 25/50/100

$45.95 AUD

Tax included

Bundles of 25 - ($45.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($79.95)
Bundles of 100 - ($149.95)

Discover our high-quality anti-theft wooden suit hangers, designed for frequent commercial use. With a smooth, flat body and multiple coatings, these hangers have a matte lacquer finish that helps prevent wear and tear. The unique thick chrome metal tube is specifically designed to work with our anti-theft metal ring for quick and easy installation. Plus, the fine polished notches provide maximum care for your garments.

  • Solid Hard Wood
  • Multiple coating and Clear Lacquer with Fine polished Surface
  • Polished Chrome Hardware                                          
  • 44.5cm Long; 12mm Thickness
  • Flat Body Design
  • Anti-Rust Hardware
  • Solid Wood Pant Bar

Please purchase the metal ring separately which is NOT attached to the hanger