25cm Childrens Top Plastic Hanger Sold in Bundles of 25/50/100

$19.95 AUD

Tax included

Bundles of 25 - ($19.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($35.95)
Bundles of 100 - ($59.95)
  • Our small heavy-duty plastic hangers are miniature versions of our adult hangers. They have a space-saving flat body and a polished chrome swivel hook. This style includes two notches above the shoulders and two notches below for hanging straps. These hangers are durable and can hold light or heavy garments, providing high quality at a low cost for long-lasting use.

  • Clear Colour
  • Polished Chrome Hardware
  • 25cm Long
  • Flat Body
  • Space-saving design
  • Anti-Rust Hardware
  • Notches for the option of hanging straps