44.5cm Premium White Wood Hanger With Bar 20mm Thick Sold in 10/20/50

$49.95 AUD

Tax included

Bundles of 10 - ($49.95)
Bundles of 20 - ($89.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($219.95)

44.5cm premium white wood hangers with 20mm thickness and curved design preserve clothes' shape and ensure durability for everyday use. Choose our hangers for optimal garment care and longevity.

  • Solid Hard Wood
  • Multiple coating and Clear Lacquer with Fine polished Surface
  • Polished Pearl Nickel Hardware                                          
  • 44.5cm Long; 20mm Thickness
  • Semi-Curved Body Design
  • Anti-Rust Hardware
  • Solid Wood Pant Bar