44.5cm Slim-Line Camel Colour Suit Hanger with Chrome Hook Sold in Bundles of 20/50/100

$25.95 AUD

Tax included

Bundles of 20 - ($25.95)
Bundles of 50 - ($45.95)
Bundles of 100 - ($79.95)

Get your hands on these durable, well-made Camel colour velvet hangers with a super slim frame and a shiny chrome hook. The velvety texture keeps your clothes in place, preventing any unwanted slipping. These hangers are specifically designed to hold heavier items while maximising storage for a more put-together wardrobe.

  • Soft Velvet
  • Polished Chrome Hardware
  • 44.5cm Long; Extra Thick Body Design
  • Flat Body
  • Space-saving Design
  • Anti-Rust Hardware