46cm Premium Eastern Red Cedar Suit Hangers 50 mm Thick Shoulders - Sold In 2/6/10/20

$59.95 AUD

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Bundles of 2 pcs - ($59.95)
Bundles of 6 pcs - ($175.95)
Bundles of 10 pcs - ($285.95)
Bundles of 20 pcs - ($569.95)

These exquisite precision crafted US red Solid cedar hangers are made from the finest Cedar wood imported from US. They feature a heavy gauged, European ball end swivel hook in polished Pearl Nickel and are finished with NO lacquer. With 50mm wide curved shoulders, these hangers will preserve the shape of any suit and will extend the life of your garments.

  • Restore fresh scent simply by rubbing with a fine grade of sandpaper.
  • 100% Solid US Eastern Red Cedar
  • Uncoated Smooth Finish
  • Polished heavy duty design With Pearl Nickel Hardware
  • 46cm Long; 50mm Thickness
  • Semi-Curved Body
  • Anti-Rust Hardware
  • Solid Pant Bar