Semi-Clear Garment Bag Suit Bags - 61 X 122 cm Sold in 5/10/20

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Item Number : PEVA0033
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Semi-Clear PEVA Garment Bag Suit Bags with white trim 61 X 122 cm

Description :


Take your clothing protection to the next level with these Semi-Clear Garment Bag Suit Bags! Made from durable soft Extra Thick PEVA, these bags are washable, lightweight, and breathable. They are also dust and water resistant, protecting your clothes from any environmental hazards. No longer will you have to worry about dust, dampness, pet hair, or wrinkles on your garments - keep them fresh and clear with these bags!


The Semi-Clear garment bags for suits are both washable and durable, making them a reliable choice for storing delicate clothing. Additionally, these bags do not contain any formaldehyde, making them a safe and breathable option for preserving your garments.

We have Five Different Sizes:

61 X 81 cm

61 X 102 cm

61 X 122 cm

61 X 140 cm

61 X 152 cm